Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Beauty of Stanford White - Architect

 Many moons ago - at the turn of the 20th century circa 1902 - Stanford White was the Star Architect of the Day. He made so many buildings that are either still standing or lost and mourned. The old IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit co) station next door to us is still generating steam. But the city cannot tear it down. It is historically saved. 

ConEd has now decided to change it to a green energy site, which will preserve it. There are a few fantastic pictures of his buildings. Below

The IRT Building. Our Condo is on the right.

Come on, you have to admit the building is impressive. It is the only landmark power plant in the country. I was thrilled to move here next to this. - Even though our view is of the new roof and steam stack.

Clockwise from top left: An old men's club, now the French Embassy
The original Penn Station - the one Jackie O tried to save but could not
 Interior of the Park Ave Armory
The original Madison Square Garden
A Men's Club still in use on 56th
The Lott Luxury Hotel

The exterior and Interior of an old "Hall of Fame" - now part of Brooklyn Community College

On June 25, 1906, millionaire Harry Thaw murdered famed architect Stanford White in a jealous rage over Thaw's actress wife, Evelyn Nesbit. The story of the murder was told in the movie "The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" - starring a very young Joan Collins.

The story was also a centerpiece in the book, movie, and play "Ragtime."

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