Friday, September 22, 2023

Where I wanted to go as a young'un | Prince Rupert, Canada

 When I was younger and annoyed with my stepmother (she was #5 and #7), I would get out my world atlas and look up places to visit. You know, daydreaming that I was anywhere else.

I have visited many of the places I would daydream about. But there is one I have never seen. And, as I have gotten older, it has fallen off my radar. 

For some reason, I thought of it today and looked it up a bit. It is off the beaten track, and I was full of wanderlust.

Prince Rupert, Canada.

Now, this was before the whole "Cruise Alaska!" thang. You arrived either by a tortuous road off the Al-Can Highway, which I was also enthralled with, or by ferry. Back in the olden days of yore, there was a ferry system, not a cruise, that left from Vancouver and stopped along the coast of British Columbia up to Prince Rupert.

It sounded ... exotic.

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