Sunday, September 3, 2023

What makes men do this?

 So this is another instance of American Nazis proclaiming their hate in a demonstrative fashion. It reminds me of a gay pride parade of hate. (And, of course, gay pride parades grew into respectability, and the possibility of this growing the same way freaks me the hell out.)

But I wonder, what motivates men to do this? It is almost always men in their late 20s to 40s. And they used to do this in face masks or white hoods. With the new permission to be a dick openly, they now demonstrate at Drag Story hours in libraries - which is odd, given that parents bring kids to these readings. You don't accidentally walk in on drag story hour at your local library.

They taunt women, scream at Gay Pride, and now demonstrate at Disney World FYI - the anti-Disney hysteria comes from Disney's one-page PR release against the Don't Say Gay Bill - after the bill had already been passed. DeSantis and the Nazi crew have decided that one-pager means Disney is full of gay "groomers."

But why do these men do it?

It is not just testosterone. There are many heroic military figures, from Alexander the Great to Eric Fanning - the first gay 3-star general who was the Secretary of the Army, who were chock full of testosterone*. It can't be (although it seems) they blame us for not getting laid. I can't believe it is all just repressed men hiding their attraction. So, what is it? Do women find this unbelievably hot? Do they think if gay people suddenly all disappeared, the country would be better off?

I could make some mean snarky comment here**, but it would divert attention from my honest question.

* That is where we get the coffee name - Chock Full of Nuts

** Okay, just one. Do they think they look good in red?

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