Sunday, September 3, 2023

A Note On Fiction and Romance

 I must say there is a trope in fiction, primarily those books written by women, which does not ever ring true for me. I GET it, but it never rings true - straight or gay.

Writers, again mainly, but not limited to, female writers where the leads are secretly in love, but the women think the men hate them. In female written gay stories, both men usually delude themselves that their actual true love hates them.

Okay. Really. Men are not that complicated.

Gays are really not that complicated.

Two gay men in a story would never worry that their true love doesn't love them back. They will have sex right away and then see if they like each other. Gay men don't play they will or won't they dance tango very often. 

They will. Almost every man will do the horizontal tango if given half a chance and the nod of consent. But, quick sex makes a short novel, so too many writers fall back on this tired explanation. A few gay novels get this right, where the sex happens right away (and is usually good), and then an obstacle comes up for the conflict.

If you watch good, or even mediocre, gay films you see that the action comes right away, and conflict presents itself later. I can give a list, but trust me. (cough "Bros" cough)

Speaking of stupid problems. I am sure "The Summer I Turned Pretty" was a good YA book. The conflict is a triangle of Belly (Isabel with the worst nickname ever), Conrad, and Jeremiah. Their mothers are best friends, and the 5 of them spend summers living together at a beach house in Cousins Beach. Cousins Beach sounds like an incest resort, but let's ignore that.

Conrad, Belly & Jeremiah

So you spend summers growing up, you and two boys. You pine for one of them for years... Then one summer, boom - you get boobs, your hair grows out and you get contacts. Bing bang boom you are now smoking hot. And now both brothers want you. And you want them. And you are in High School and still make out with both of them. BOTH OF WHOM you still live with all summer! 

During the school year (which takes place not at Cousins Beach), Conrad is in college and Belly is in high school miles away, but they still date and screw. Next year at Cousins Beach, you screw the other one (albeit, I did like Jeremiah better anyway). Surprise! Problems ensue.

From the very very beginning Ed and I agree. Ed's mother would be appalled and my mother would give the advice, "don't fuck where you eat."

Maybe in the book, this is not a problem. On TV it is kind of creepy. I mean there are other boys that want a crack at Belly and Jeremiah (he's bi). And plenty of women want Conrad and Jeremiah. But no, these semi-siblings only have the hots for each other.

Kind of creepy. Although... I did finish the series. What? It was engrossing.

FYI - Totaly team Jelly.

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