Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Need to remind myself: Stoic

 Not posting about being a stoic lets me sometimes forget my practice.

This week-end two acquaintances visited New York to see a few plays - including one they have a friend performing in. They posted pictures all around New York, and I was hurt they didn't even let us know they were coming. I though we were at least marginal friends. And I let it bug me for a while. For me, they have both hung with us, and one stayed with us when he was auditioning more than a few years ago and so I expected a call.

But looking at it after a bit in the terms of being a stoic, I realized my problems here were with me. I need to accept that they didn't feel the need to say hi. I let one stay with us with no expectations, so why does it bug me. Did I grow expectations in the years since. That is silly.

Not only is there is nothing I can do anything about, there is no need to I let it bug me really. Only my incorrect assumptions are annoyed by this. It really is not a big deal. How they do or don't feel about me should not effect how I feel about myself or try to further my goals. This only effects me if I let it. It is only a snub because I let MY assumptions get in my way. It doesn't matter and there is certainly no deeper meaning than they had a lot to do. In the same situation, I might have done the same thing.

So yeah, I can let it freak me out (and ask Ed, it did most of the last few days) or I can accept this as it is. 


  1. Being human sucks sometimes. I've had family drive through Phoenix on their way to somewhere else several times. It's a head scratcher. I'll try on your Stoic hat the next time and see if it helps.
    P.S. I don't think you would not have done the same thing. svh

  2. It is a head scratcher. My guess is they probably complain you never see them.


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