Monday, April 17, 2023

"Deep Fakes" and AI generated images - They are going to screw us all

 I am normally all for new technology. Even the advance AI (artificial intelligence) doesn't freak me out. On the other hand, Deep Fake technology does. It allows images not just to be manipulated but created out of thin are. 

This ability can be is with AI being tasked to write news articles - as many newspaper do now. The Guardian has found that the AI can write articles which rely on information based on older sources can be checked and verified. What The Guardian has discovered when check those references is that they were (at least once) based on an article which the AI and inserted backwards on the timeline at a later date.

This is pretty damn bad. That means that verification of claims, cannot always be believed. Even if one wants to make sure the story is the truth, you cannot check those references even if they are there!

And AI pictures just make it worse. Here are some images from a NY Times article this week-end.


 And this only feeds conspiracies

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