Sunday, March 5, 2023

Hummmm.. I think I will bury this after two reviews

I am not despondent. I am not depressed. I am butthurt as my country goes through pain. I hope it is the pain of transition, but I am afraid it is the pain of a lingering hope for my country.

From an essay about Historical Amnesia in the Age of the Apocalypse.

... America is becoming a country that can no longer question itself, invest in the public good or imagine a future beyond the dreamscapes of the rich and ruling elite. Apocalyptic fears, uncertainties and anxieties feed a rising tsunami of violence that has become the organizing principle of governance, everyday life and society itself. American society is caught in the daily routines of lies, corruption and manufactured ignorance; one consequence is the withering of individual and social agency along with civic culture and the public imagination. American optimism has turned bleak. In the age of gangster capitalism, people lose their interconnections, community and sense of security. Isolation and anxiety gives way to mass depression and is ripe for expressions of rage and hatred. The guard rails of justice, compassion, the welfare state, politics, democratic values and the institutions that nourish them are under threat of disappearing. Apocalyptic terrors have moved from the realm of fiction into the social fabric of everyday life.

Yes. This 👆

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