Saturday, March 4, 2023

Guess what? Drag shows are not the leading cause of death in children 1 - 19.

 Oh my goodness. Tennessee and Arkansas have outlawed Drag Shows for children. Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, and Kentucky are debating laws to do the same thing. So I though, "Wow, a lot of kids must be getting killed by Drag Queens if this is true!"

Zero deaths by Drag Queen Story Hour

So I checked, here are the number of childhood deaths by cause (excluding birth defects for those under 1). (source)

  1. Guns: 4,357 deaths
  2. Cars: 4,112 deaths
  3. Other Injuries: 3,879 deaths
  4. Congenital Disease : 3,188 deaths
  5. Cancer : 1,767 deaths
  6. Substance Abuse: 1,552
  7. Heart Disease: 787
  8. .....
  9. Drag Shows / Drag Queens : 0 deaths
ZERO Deaths. Who knew?

If this is all "for the children", then aren't we going at this in the wrong way. Or, wait, might it just possibly be a ploy to have people vote Republican? They wouldn't do that.

Firearms kill 4,357 deaths a year

I am not saying that we shouldn't have guns, but we can pass so simple gun safety laws. But we are too busy with drag queens, sexy M&Ms, and what is it with Hunter Biden, to think about what really kills kids.

By the way, even on a per capita basis we are kicking ass and nailing this category!

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