Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The math does not work

(Am exception to no DT, LB, MG, MTG rule. Because it is now a possible solution proposed by multiple spokespeople - I am sorry, I don't want to offend her - spokesmen.)

Marjorie Taylor Green has proposed, and she is not the first republican to propose this, that we have a national divorce. Essentially dividing up into the Red and Blue states. Let's ignore that her comment is in direct conflict with her sworn oath of office, because lying is absolutely passé now.

But I do want to direct your attention at the highlighted portion of her tweets.

Now, let's look at her assumptions and math. I know math isn't a big favorite of the right because it is science, but still. We can look for them.

I don't want to debate IF the government would be smaller. But I do love this line: "Hence, we would solve our debt and spending problems immediately."

Let's look at this shall we?

  1. Let's take dipshits numbers. That is 34,000,000,000,000.00 ($34 Trillion)
  2. The population of the United States ~332,000,000 (332 million people)
  3. Let's say the red states have 1/2 the population  ~165 million
  4. So to 'immediately' solve the debt crisis - as she claims. Everyone in a red state now owe's the government an immediate $103,000. 
  5. So to meet her assumed 'immediate solution' each resident will have to pitch in an extra $130,030.
Again, I know that math isn't there long suit. That because being an mean-ass lying stack of guano doesn't require much math.

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