Thursday, January 12, 2023

Because they are just that crazy

 Two more books have been pulled from schools as being too harmful for school children in the 3rd grade. I get how they can find problems with one. Despite all the award wins and the raves, Tango Makes Three is the story of two (gasp) male penguins who are mated, and given an egg that was ignored.

It is a story where a male male couple - even if avians - raise a child by preventing an abortion. Isn't that what they call it when a mother has a fertilized egg and doesn't bring it to term? Anyway, this story, on the news for months, is now too gay.

The second one is really stupid. The story of The Sneetches is not a story about race or gays at all. 

If you don't know the story - some flim-flam man comes to where the Sneetches live. He has a machine that puts stars on their bodies, but it is expensive. After he puts stars on some, then the other sneetches get stars (on thar's). And then the first Sneetches get two stars and so on, until the Sneetchs can't tell who got them first and some Sneetches have 3 stars and others have 1 or 4. And then the flim-flam man leaves with all their hard earned money.

In fact, the story was being read to a group of school children on the radio (NPR) live. It was designed to teach children about economics and being good with money.

But, DURING THE NPR BROADCAST, the assistant director of communications, Amanda Beeman - the Olentangy school district  - near Columbus Ohio - stopped the reading live on the radio broadcast. Her reason? 

"I don't know if I feel comfortable with the book being one of the ones featured,” Beeman is heard saying on the podcast during the middle of "The Sneetches" reading. “I just feel like this isn't teaching anything about economics, and this is a little bit more about differences with race and everything like that.”

This one a day that NPR had spent all day with the Teacher of a 3rd grade class AND with Amanda Beeman.

Classic. (link because it is unbelievable)

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