Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Turns out there is a sculptor I love and didn't know it...

 Ed, Jane and I were walking through London after visiting Battersea Power station. We visited the Victoria and Albert Museum. Just walking through the place, actually on the way out, I saw this statue, which I loved.

You can read the inscription as below, but I did find on thing fascinating.

Winifred Turner (1903 - 83) About 1934

The attitude, two-dimensionality and pose of this stylized figure reflects Winifred Turner's interest in Assyrian and Buddhist sculpture and her passion for dance. The decorative pubic hair and thin loin cloth revel rather than conceal the anatomy of the figure. The shallow relief and sensuality can be seen as a homage to the Serbian sculptor Meštrović.

I had to look up the "Serbian Sculptor Meštrović". Turns out that Ivan Meštrović is Croatian, not Serbian and I have seen his stuff in Croatia. I have actually copied one of the statues we saw in Spilt and the second in a tiny town near Zadar.

You can see the influence between the sculptors

Saint Nin statue in the city of Ninski.

As I recall, he was a maverick because he preached mass in Croatian instead of Latin very early (600s?).

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