Thursday, December 8, 2022

Daily Stoic: Don't Hide From Your Feelings

 It is better to conquer grief than to deceive it.


Grief is a loaded word. It means different things to different people. Most of us reference it back to the loss of a loved one, although even in that these are differences.

I often say that Mark passed I did not feel GRIEF. But I think it was because I got the chance to say good-bye. I had the chance to do all I could for him. But 30 years later, hearing someone I barely knew had passed, I cried my eyes out. I freaked out.

I had only met this guy once or twice, but after Mark passed I was at Dr. Gary's house and he sat and spoke with me for hours. It was lovely. When I found out in passing that he died, and I think everything burst in on me. Mark's death, friends who died, Zela and more. It took time for me to face my grief again.

A friend of Ed's was killed in a freak motorcycle accident. His family did not have a chance to say good bye or be able to easily explain it. But they moved on and set up a university scholarship for him. They honored their son and helped to conquer their grief by proactive healing.

Conquering grief doesn't mean to ignore it. It means to face it, remember the best and honor it.

Well, that is what I think.

I took this. For me, sunset is the right time reflect on my happiness and address my grief.

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  1. I guess I still "grieve" for Mark and Lauren but it's remembering them with love and gratitude I had them in my life; it's not a sad thing. Lovely photo!


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