Wednesday, December 7, 2022

And so an Era ends

 I know it is odd to say, but the end of 747 production is super nostalgic to me.

Ed has heard this story twelve million times, but for the rest of you - well here goes. Ignore if you've heard this.

For a while when I was 10 or 11, we lived in Hawthorne, probable 2 or 3 miles from LAX. We used to go to the airport and bumble around a lot. There were (and still are) tunnels between terminals 4 - 5 - 6 - 7. I am not sure why they were built, although now they can be used if your are transferring terminals for the same airline. They were great lanes for racing, and no one was ever in them.

They also tied to the very cool underground walkways with the murals on them. A few of which you can still find on exit tunnels from some flights.

Anywho, the 747 was introduced in Los Angeles by Continental Airlines flying to Hawaii (out of Terminal 6).  So one of the first weeks it was flying a friend and I rode our bikes out and went to Continental Airlines to see one. You probably don't recall, but at the time it was so huge the nose nearly burst through the window. Compared to other planes it was MASSIVE.

So we were staring at plane, with our little faces almost pressed on the glass and a gate agent said, "What are you two doing?"

I replied honestly, "We came to see the 747."

She looked around and then said, "Come on."

Ladies and Germs, in a time before bombs and the end of airline regulation, Continental Airlines, a gate agent, two Flight Attendants (the called Stewardess) and a pilot seriously showed my friend and I around. Well the place was pretty normal, but then they took us up the circular staircase to the "lounge". You see they didn't have seats up there, only the lounge and the cockpit - which we also got to see.

So I will never forget Continental or the LAX crew or the 747. And I am a bit sad to see it go.

A Continental Upstairs Lounge

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