Wednesday, November 16, 2022

You may have heard about the "Giant Rainbow Flag" on USA Soccer's Uniform

The world cup is in QATAR starting Sunday. right now there has been a lot of whining by Conservative commenters about the "giant gay flag" on the men's uniforms*.

Two things:

One: The players from around the world are quietly protesting. They are protesting that Qatar let thousands of foreign workers die during construction of the venues, women have very few rights in Qatar, and Qatar puts gays to death.

Now, there are no flags for stopping the deaths of workers taken advantage of, there are no flags demonstrating for women's rights. But there is a gay flag and gay colors. So the gay flag is the preferred choice for dissent direct towards Qatar. But rest assured it is only a symbol of anger, and is universally recognized.

Two: It is not "a giant rainbow flag". It is not a gay flag. It is not giant. In fact, if I didn't point it out, you wouldn't notice.

Logo: pre-"Giant gay Flag"

This is all that is changing:

It's hard to see and minor on the uniform itself, but it is making a statement of solidarity with women, foreign workers, and LGBT rights.

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