Friday, November 11, 2022

I wonder where he got all his money?

 In case you think being a lousy Congressman, even for a single 2 year gig, is a losing proposition, feast your eyes on this.

Madison left Congress after losing his reelection bid. He left owing a ton of money to pay back as he used funds earmarked for the general election in the primary (which he lost). He technically has to pay that back. But we know white male politicians don't have to do shit if they don't want to.

Anywho, he went into Congress with no money. He had been a part-time staff assistant to Mark Meadows. Now, he had approximately $200,000 from a court settlement regarding his accident, but that was it going into Congress. Oh yeah, before he worked part-time for Mark Meadows, he did work part time in High School at Chick-Fil-A. Maybe he saved $1 million dollars from them?

He has just purchased a $1.1 million dollar home in Cape Coral Florida. I wonder where the money came from. I mean, he is still a Congressperson until new ones are sworn in.

I wonder how he got all that money?

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