Friday, November 11, 2022

Daily Stoic: Nov 11

Today is 11/11. This is the date celebrated for the end of World War I.

When you are distress by an external thing, it's not the thing itself that troubles you, but only your judgement of it. And you can wipe this out at a moment's notice.

Marcus Aureluis

This meditation refers more to our personal journeys, as opposed to government or catastrophes. It refers to people that have cancer, or a disability. If you watch Survivor right now, you know that a woman who had an accident and lost her legs competes. She also competed in the Paralympics. 

She is changed her outlook from being despondent to being stronger because of her disability. She rose to it.

It is a good meditation for Veteran's Day because we need to remember the Veterans who decided to defend our country instead of just complaining about it. They made a decision about their circumstances I would be hard-pressed to mimic.

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