Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Everyone deals with grief in their own way

Per an article from the Bosnian Investigative Reporting Network, a Bosnian refugee artist from the war in 1992 has a unique "art" and "history" project now on display at the Bosnian National Museum. The museum is an eclectic mix of older exhibits, newly updated exhibits and display space.

This is in the display section and had to move to accommodate all that wanted to see it. By the way, the museum is normally pretty empty and forlorn.

Anywho, this artist, Ismar Cirkinagic, was visiting the mass grave sites - there are over 750 in Bosnia from the Serbian War. He found plants growing among the graves. He was touched by the idea that some type of life grows out of desperation and evil. So he pressed them and then noted which one of the 4 largest mass graves they were all from. Cool, interesting and painfully sad.

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