Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Daily Stoic: Nov 16

Hecato says, 'cease to hope and you will cease to fear'... The primary cause of both of these ills is that instead of adapting ourselves to the present circumstances we send out our thoughts too far ahead.


For Hecato of Rhodes both hope and fear of the far future are the same. They are projections into the future regarding things we cannot control. Both are the enemy of the present conditions. That is we need to focus on the current situation as it is.

In our day, many far future items; climate change, pandemics, the return of the Orange Shit For brains - all of these things in the future are not to be worries about. Instead focus on these same items as they are. Work for climate mitigation - perhaps we can't change the climate disaster coming, but we can change how we react to these changes now. 

I, FYI, fight this often. I usually lose, but I am trying.

Yes, I have checked all these out; 
Portugal - good option for easy and relative closeness
Montenegro - fantastic option - but you have to buy a home there
Greece - nice and easy now with a Remote Work visa
Spain - nice BUT - you have a choice between massive expat community or Madrid / Barcelona - neither one floats my boat.
Italy - kind of a pain in the ass to get longer term approval

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