Sunday, November 13, 2022

Caution is not humanity's watch word

I love this headline. It actual encapsulates the story. 

The issue is that between the wealth of data online, plus a few copies of the voice, one can now make a reasonable copy of a person electronically that you can interact with.

This does not surprise me massively.

One the key writers I like, Jack McDevitt writes some sci-fi mysteries. Normally about a future issue with technology or ancient artifacts. One of the devices he uses is "speaking" with these types Ai's in the future. In his books, they also include a set of memories from the last time they made a recording.

Now in his book, the are glorified holograms, not physical entities, but I am not sure that is they way we will go.

Anywho, in McDevitt's novels, if a person is lost, the "holo memory" can't usually help because they made their memory set before being lost or killed. It is an interesting, if far-fetched scenario for me.

Well, until now. It is now my lest "far-fetched" and more an "inevitable technology".

LINK to this story

But back to the headline. Once this is possible, and it already is or can be for very documented online presence, will we use caution.

Since the only time humanity has ever used caution is nuclear weapons - it isn't a very promising request.

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