Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Well, this is one way to addressing school shootings

After the school shooting in Santa Fe Texas school shooting, where 8 students and 2 teachers were killed, Texas passed a law to help identify school children. They will deliver to the parents of all children in school a DNA and fingerprint kit.

You see, they want to address school shootings. Not any gun control. Not any more money. Not even making them "gun free areas".

Nope the DNA and fingerprint kits are to make it easier to identify dead kid's bodies. I shit you not. 

Now, it wasn't quite in place in the Uvalde school shooting and some of the victims could not be identified from others.

Solution: a way to identify dead kids. Not any plan to reduce deaths, but only to identify the victims.

Texan's tax dollars at work.

No link because it is both heartbreaking and pathetic. Search yourself.

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