Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Bushkill Falls

In the Catskills, in Pennsylvania is a set of waterfalls made into a roadside attraction. If you ever wanted to see what a successful attraction looks like in 2020s - semi-upgraded, semi-original - you could do much worse than here.

Main Falls.

Gorge above the main falls.

Don't get me wrong, the falls and trails are beautiful and well kept up.  There are 3 or 4 different trails, but the shortest have full handrails (albeit made of wood or faux wood). These are built around the tallest of the Bushkill Falls.

Randy and I went after a rainstorm, so the falls were very full and very cool. We also went after a weekend of not shaving, so forgive the old man whiskers.

The main areas of the attraction:
  1. The Falls: self-descriptive
  2. Miles of Trails
  3. The Nature Exhibit: a diorama of stuffed animals from the local area. This exhibit is int he entrance area to the trails. Bushkill Inc proudly points out that these were not killed for the exhibit - mainly roadkill that was "salvageable"
  4. The Native American Exhibit: A recreation of a native longhouse, with cooking hole. In the corner, there is a few Native dummies (or regular dress dummies, dressed up like Natives). The rest of the exhibit is a shop full of Native American tat: pottery, rugs, and dreamcatchers - so very very many dream catchers.
  5. A "gemstone" store
  6. A manmade "pan-for-gold" experience: Only it is pan for gemstones not gold, because there are a lot of gemstones for sale.
  7. A family maze.
  8. Playgrounds and picnic tables
  9. A full on crap store
  10. A hiking / climbing store
  11. Some food in the store.
  12. A restroom building
  13. Parking for many many cars.

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