Friday, October 14, 2022

Well, that sucks and is legal

 So, the rule that Supreme Court used to strike down New York’s gun law was that there was no such law in 1790s when the Constitution was written. Hence any laws after that time are not Constitutional. The latest law to fall was one that outlawed removing serial numbers from guns.

Even the judge acknowledge that this is only used so that guns in crimes can be traced. And it is a good law, but the Supreme Court does not allow a means-tested law even if it works.

In addition to this, the following laws have been overturned: (link on Salon)

Thomas’ test has already wreaked havoc in the lower courts. One judge has struck down a Texas law that prohibits 18 to 20-year-olds from carrying a handgun outside the home. People under 21 are significantly more likely to commit gun homicides—but in Bruen, Thomas announced that courts may never consider the real-world, life-saving impact of gun safety laws when gauging their constitutionality. A different Texas judge invalidated a federal law barring individuals from purchasing a handgun while they’re under indictment, even for a violent felony offense. Just last week, another judge struck down New York’s ban on concealed carry in airports, train stations, domestic violence shelters, summer camps, the subway, and other “sensitive locations.” Now Goodwin, who sits in West Virginia, has joined the chorus of lower court judges who feel that Bruen obliges them to strike down longstanding, widely accepted firearm laws.


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  1. Well.... My guess is you're correct. Given that writers sometimes miss nuance. (translation - thanx for the correction :-)


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