Thursday, October 13, 2022

There is one race I am actually watching

 It's election season in America. We vote on Nov 8th - a little over 3 weeks away.

Now I will be sad and freaked out if the Republicans win the Senate and House. But I am prepared.

I am not prepared if Herschel Walker is elected as a conservative, family values senator from Georgia. I will have lost faith in many many things, but in particular - Republicans that vote for him. Here is a list (latest new info at top) of his idiocy.

  • NEW - Hershel claims to be Cherokee because his mother is "full Cherokee". That is a lie. His mother says she "heard" her grandmother had some Cherokee in her background, but her mother died before she could ask her.
  • NEW - Hershel paid for an abortion for a girlfriend. Hershel first claimed he did not do this. But she has receipts and a note from Hersh. Then he claimed he does not know the woman, and gives money to everyone. But it turns out she is the mother of one of his children - which he acknowledged before. So he does know her. Then he said he didn't know of any other kids. Which is contradicted below.
  • Hershel has 3 children he did not acknowledge or disclose (all the product of adultery.) First he claimed no. Then he claimed he sees them all the time. (And, per point above, now claims maybe they aren't his.)
  • Hershel claims to have graduated with honors from Georgia. In the top 1% of his class. No, Hershel did not graduate at all.
  • Hershel believes clear air doesn't work because "our good air goes to China and they ship their bad air here."
  • Hershel claims to own multiple business that make between $80 and $90 million a year. In a claim for a Covid Loan, he said they made $1.5 million a year. His business partners say they only license his name, he does no work there.
  • Hershel was arrested in 2008 for threatening to kill his wife. Since then other exes have come out and said the same thing. Hershel claims that he found God and is not the same person (so he was Christian before he paid for the abortion.
  • Hershel has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, but says God curried him of it. And he won't take his meds.
  • Hershel says he has worked with law enforcement for years. A local police force said they gave him an honorary badge once, a decade ago. Like they give to kids.
  • Hershel said he worked for the FBI. He did not.

Now Evangelical Christians are still backing him. First they said they didn't believe the bad stuff. When it got to be too much, they said it was worth it to gain control of the Senate.

I won't take his win well - mentally.

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  1. He claims to have a dry mist that as you walk through it will "kill any Covid on your body” and it was “EPA-, FDA-approved." He's dumber that a box of rocks. If he's elected we are all in trouble.


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