Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Frog is Getting Toasty

 It is a disconcerting view to see the Anti-Gay shit being thrown at the wall now. In an effort to win votes, the Republican Party is once again raising the threat of gay people. All of it. The entire play book.

And, for those in my gay community that ignored attacks on trans, well, this is what is next. We did tell you.

It is an effective and common historical attack. Sometimes this is dressed up in new rhetoric, sometimes the same old shit.

Remember how life would end if we allowed gay marriage.

The latest attack is disguised as a Federal Don't Say Gay bill. They know that because of Biden, they have no chance of passing and signing this until 2024, but hey, people hate fags, and this drives their voters.

And remember, this excludes not just some nonexistent classes on being gay. This law prevents some children talking about their parents or relatives (if gay). It outlaws books in school libraries, because something inappropriate might be in a shared library with younger kids.

AND, it allows parents to sue if they think the teacher or school has unwittingly shared a shread of gay information. For example 

"Sarah is having a birthday party and sending out invitations. Sarah's moms will chaperone." Teacher can be fined $10,000. 

"What does the word 'homosexual' mean in this book?" If she says anything but, I can't comment - lawsuit. 

It bans "gay/straight alliance" in high schools - which was starting spontaneously by students, never introduced by staff.

This playbook has been used since people new about homosexuals, until AIDS. With AIDS, people were confronted that their loved ones were gay, and were not the monsters they heard about.

If you thing of these two banging, you wouldn't allow
heterosexuals to teach class either.

And it works. This hatred gets votes because people think "homosexual" and focus on the actual sex act. Which is silly. If I say Judge Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny are heterosexuals - no one things of them fucking! 

There, get that image out of your brain.

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  1. Republican legislators (state and federal) are working very hard to ban abortion, references to gender identity, anti-racism history, immigration, children's books, sexual equality and the list goes on. Is there any they are for other that the preservation of white men's power over everyone? Be very careful how you vote this November!


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