Sunday, October 2, 2022

I thought this would go away... wrong again

Sometimes I assume that some random claim is so asinine, so stupid, so obviously wrong and disproven that the cultists will drop it. Sadly almost nothing now is so stupid it stops once it has started.

This is the dumbest of them all. (Okay maybe not, that whole "Hollywood Elites stay young by draining babies of their adrenochrome is more stupid.) 

Theis claim - no matter how often disproven, is that schools across America have decided "furries" are a protected group. That children in school dress up as cats or dogs and insist on the teachers refer to them that way. And, continuing the madness, that schools have accommodated them by put liter boxes in class so they can relief themselves. 

It is an obvious ploy to lump in a stupid idea to the idea of transexual children who identify other than their birth gender. It is a faux outrage to add to the faux outrage of transsexuals in school - whjere there may be less than 10 in the state of Colorado that might identify this way so young.

Suffice it to say that this Furry claim is bullshit. Yet despite the obvious nincompoopery of this, over 2 dozen of our new candidates this November claim it is true and "friends of their children" have seen it.


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