Monday, October 3, 2022

I feel a little sick and I didn't sleep last night so...

 .. forgive the darkness of this post:

I think our country is on the wrong side of total slide into shit creek.

I believe the country is descending into Fascism at the worst and Authoritarianism at the very least. Definition of Authoritarianism, if you don't believe me: 


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the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
    • lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.


You may wonder how I get to this conclusion, which is far. I wonder how people don't see it. Let us look at the 3 branches of government.

Judiciary: The Supreme Court has taken away Constitutional Rights for the first time. Normally they grant rights that may change but do not backtrack. They have also massively enlarged their use of the "Shadow Docket" to reverse civil rights without even explaining themselves. The change in Miranda Rights last year, the approval of an Unconstitutional matter of vigilante justice in Texas. The list goes on.

Speaking of Judiciary: Republican Judges at lower levels pursue their own agendas. Trump's judge in South Florida has ruled every time in his benefit - which even conservative scholars question. In nearly all cases, her rulings are overturned but they havre succeeded in Trump's Teams' announced position which is to keep this information from coming out before the midterms.

Legislative: When in control of the Senate, authoritarians changed their own rules on appointments to the Supreme Court by putting both Amy B Coney and Neil Gorsuch on the court. You could make the argument supporting either one, but since the Senate following different rules in approving them, at least one is illegitimate. And both were necessary to overturn a woman's right to bodily autonomy. Overturn Miranda Rights, overturn gun safety rules in New York and more.

Moreover, the legislative branch is actively derisive of the needs and desires of voters, while catering to the top 5% of people and companies.

Executive: President Trump did whatever he wanted: Presidential degree in outlawing Muslims entrance to the United States, redirecting money for education into building a wall (actually into graft, but it was suppose to build a wall), pardoning criminals that helped him and more. With the change of Presidents, the court sanctioned rulings were now against the Executive branch. A single judge overruled the commander in chief rule requiring the Navy Seals to get vaccinated for Covid.

At the state level, conservatives are limiting voting possibilities (often overruling the State Supreme Courts), shipping legal asylum seekers around, banning books, outlawing support for trans kids, ignoring the clean water act and more.

As for the conservative leaders: the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) just released a condemnation of Ukraine for inciting the war where Russia invaded Ukraine, the have hosted the self-defined "illiberal" ruler of Hungary and the self-defined neo-Fascist ruler of Italy. When Trump was President he envied (his own words) the way Generals and the Military deferred to Putin, Kim and Hitler (really look it up).

We are fucked and (except for the Abortion ruling) wandering around in a self-imposed mask like a masochist at a conference of whip selling.

We all, including me, act like a herd of sheep watching TV, going to the movies and generally ignoring this shit until we are effected.


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