Tuesday, September 6, 2022

On That Day In Amsterdam...

While Ed's brother's family were here last weekend, three of us went to see a show at 59 East 59th called On That Day In Amsterdam.

First off, I loved it. It started a little odd, but it was great. There are lots of echos of the movie Before Sunrise but since they are gay, it starts with sex and then one the guys tries to get deepen the relationship. And very much like Before Sunrise, the youth and intensity of young emotions make the show.

There are two layers, the most important being about the two guys. One is a middle eastern refugee trying to get to England, were there is a job possibly waiting for him. The other is a mixed race college student, running away from a home life that casts him as an outsider that stifles him. they meet at a club one night, have sex and they have the next day together. What starts out as an uncomfortable day with two strangers grows into so much more.

The second theme concerns Amsterdam artists that lived in Amsterdam. Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank are all shown having their dreams lost in the city. And still all leave massive impressions on the art world, even though their lives ended tragically.

These stories of the past illustrate the commitment and hope of youth. They give a clear indication of where the show is going, but not exactly how it will get there.

The two men are played by Glenn Morizio and Ahmad Maksoud, and played beautifully. They give up little personal information but their entire emotions. It was bittersweet in the best way possible.

We all loved it.

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