Monday, August 15, 2022

Today's list of pet peeves (non political list)

 I realized this last week-end that the world is conspiring to annoy me. What else could the answer be. These things are all too coordinated to be happenstance:

How can you have to pay to go to a public beach? Welcome to New Jersey and New York.
This, by the by, seems unAmerican to me.

Brooklyn. Too many hipsters and too full of itself.
And now, expensive.

Flip flops on a plane (or barefoot) no toe sightings on public flights.

Too many damn superhero movies. And too many delivered with a paint by numbers plot.
Thor: Ragnarok excluded - it was funny and, you know, Chris Hemsworth.

Men in stupid clothes that are way too tight. 
We all know you work out honey, get over it.


  1. That’s right Scooter ! The whole world is out to annoy you, and it’s working!!

    1. Thank you Anonymous! I'm glad someone else can see it too!

  2. I don't mind flip flops on a plane but sticking one's feet out in the aisle is sort of rude.


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