Saturday, July 16, 2022


(sarcasm on)

It was muuurduuuur

Okay, I'll just say what we are all thinking. Ivana Trump was murdered. Someone (Eric Trump?) pushed her down the stairs and then she died.

What evidence do I have? 

Well, the DAY after her death all three Trump children were set to give depositions. Did they? NO! The dispositions were delayed for a day of mourning! And since that "day" was Friday, the dispositions may or may not occur Monday, giving them 4 more days to get their stories straight. Will 4 more days help? Let's remember Eric Trump's intelligence and understand 4 days more will be helpful for him. AND, Junior has 3 extra days for his cocaine frenzy.

Also delayed? Trump's rally in Arizona. Which had sold very few tickets. The "day or mourning" saved him from an embarrassing failure*. Coincidence?

As for the planted news stories that Ivana was sick and stumbled. Riiight. She is rich as Rosevelt, had the ear of the former President and lives lived in a mansion where people could take care of her. And this day, she just happened to stumble right in front of the staircase and she fell down it and died. Also, why didn't we hear of this malady before she died. This is the National Enquire Days of the Republic, we know everything now, whether we want to or not.

It's all too convenient for reality.

*Disclaimer, I have no idea how successful or pathetic Trump rally would have been. But, I heard from someone that it was a bust.

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