Sunday, July 17, 2022

Do You Want a Good Story

Not just feel good, but feel great.

Steve Greig lost his treasured dog in 2021 when Wolfgang died. Many of us have lost a dog, but what Steve did next was to rebuild his heart in a novel way. He did it by adopting another dog. This time he called a shelter to get the oldest, ugliest, and most likely to die in a shelter. A dog that was "unadoptable", and he took and cared for it.

And then another.

He usually has a few dogs at the end of life. Right now he says he has too many (10), but he couldn't help but adopt the last one, who was going to a kill shelter.

When a dog passes, he gets another one to care for. And if you read the story (HERE), it isn't one of sadness, but a joy and sense of purpose for Steve, who lives in Dander alone in a big house.

You should read this story when you want to feel better about life.

Below are some of the pictures of his old dogs.

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