Thursday, July 7, 2022

Oh, it's just Scott overreacting...

It is an aspect of modern American life that we believe that “good” will prevail. That societal revolt cannot happen here. That all people are given equal rights and responsibilities under the law. That all votes are equal.

But then again, not so much now. This is what has happened in the past few years (SINCE 2020!) - newly minted American Fascism*:

  • Fair elections were challenged with no basis in truth.
    • 75% of Republicans no longer believe we have valid elections with zero proof.
    • 45% of Republicans say that an armed revolt may be needed to have fair elections (again, the 2020 elections were fair.
  • Election “truthers” have won elections for those positions that certify votes.
    • Already some New Mexico officials refused to certify a valid election because they thought that the voting machine software was corrupted (again - disproved in court).
  • Supporting a transsexual child in anyway (even with love) is considered child abuse in Texas
  • In Florida, if a child is gay it MUST be reported to the parent - even in cases where the kids health is in dangers.
    • The law also requires that if there is any gay child in PE (gym), a physical letter outing that child MUST be sent to all parents of kids in the same class.

  • An insurrection occurred at the Capital designed to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.
    • Protesters at the Capital insurrection have been prosecuted. Elected leaders that worked with them have not.
  • Freedom of Speech is curtailed by “Conservatives”
    • In multiple states you cannot speak of gay people at all.
    • In multiple states you cannot mention slavery (it makes white kids sad).
    • Florida just required educators to take an ideological test.
  • States are fucking with public education
    • In multiple states politicians are trying to put cameras in the class rooms.
    • Arizona now provides the same amount money for students in public schools, private schools and home schooling. This is a first since public education was set up.
    • States can now be required to pay for Religious Schools
  • Corporations now pay 7% of the federal tax money (versus 32% in the 1950s). Most of the legal changes around taxes have been to pass tax laws to support corporations. Most corporations’ donations go to legislators that make tax law.
  • Black and Brown people are victims of police violence more than three times the rate of whites. 
    • Last week an unarmed black man was shot 60 times in the back
    • Police murders of 12 year old Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor and others are ruled "justifiable" even if they violate police conduct rules
    • White murders of black people are celebrated (Kyle Rittenhouse)
  • Many state Republican parties are hiring “poll watchers” – armed guards that are allowed to demand identification to vote, even though they are not election employees - this is a rerun from Jim Crow laws that outlawed this in the 1960s. See Supreme Court decisions below.
  • Elections are getting screwed by states
    • Florida and Georgia have outlawed given people in voting lines water
    • Kansas, Texas and Iowa have closed many polling places in minority neighborhoods
    • Extreme Gerrymandering has been allowed that disadvantages Democratic voters**
  • The majority of the Supreme Court was appointed by Republicans despite the party not winning the popular vote in 20 years. This minority Republican court has; 
    • Overturned nearly all gun safety laws
    • Overturned most of the Civil Rights act (in pieces, the final piece coming next year)
    • Overturned a woman’s right to abortion
    • Overturned the wall between church and state
  • Up next for the Supreme Court
    • The right of state legislatures to overturn the popular votes for President
    • The right to contraception
    • The right to gay marriage
  • Red States (Texas and Oklahoma) are trying to pass laws that disallow recent residents from voting (most Texas transplants right now are from California) – Yes, this is (or was) unConstitutional
  • Red States are outlawing travel to other states in order for a woman to get a safe abortion – Yes is (or was) also unconstitutional
  • A Michigan militia plotted to kidnap and kill the Governor of Michigan (they hated Covid rules). They were arrested, but then not prosecuted.
  • Multiple Republican lawmakers and lawyers have refused subpoenas with no consequences.
    • Justice now depends on how rich the person is, how white the person is and, if the person is a politician.


Otherwise, we’re good.

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