Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ideological Fascist States: China, North Korea, Burma and Florida

So in China, Burma and North Korea the act of not following the state ideology will cause you to lose funding, access to school and, shunning in society.

Add Florida to that proud list.

Here is the detail from the Tampa Bay Times

You might wonder why Gov. Ron DeSantis is being such a fucking asshole. He is trying to take the Trump voters away from Trump. And it is working.

Now that this survey does not have to be anonymous - it depends on how the state ultimately conducts and reports on the survey responses. The Governor has stated that it should not effect Free Speech, as long as that Free Speech doesn't "indoctrinate" students. 

Results will be used in assigning funds to higher education and firing or promoting teachers.

Yeah, no communism, socialism, and no liberal ideology that promotes equal rights. Welcome to America, not shut the hell up.

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