Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Nincompoopery: Don't go to school in Tennessee

 Well ladies and germs, Tennessee is banning books again. This time, books that "upset" parents is "Ruby Bridges Goes To School". If you don't remember her, you remember this painting by Norman Rockwell.

It illustrates the story of Ruby, the first child that integrated the all-white schools in Louisiana. Although as far as "integration" goes, it was kind of odd. The Louisiana school in question put Rudy in a classroom by herself for the year and did not let her mix with white children.

This story is told in a children's book - Ruby Bridges Goes To School. This book for children even whitewashes the story to show Ruby in class with white students (which she was not allowed to do). But that isn't enough for Tennessee parents that find this objectionable AND hurts white kid's feelings -as one mother says.

The School Board removed the books, saying that it is acceptable because parents cannot opt of out teaching this subject. 

The three following books are removed.

You are not allowed to show both sides of the American Revolution

The Ruby Bridges book - where she is happy with others. 
Contrast that with the Rockwell image aboe.

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