Friday, June 3, 2022

Unbelievably Cruel:Special Olympics Drops Vaccine Mandate For Florida Event After DeSantis Admin Threatens $27 Million Fine

This is unbelievably cruel and heartless. 


Most of you know that my Aunt was Downs Syndrome, and I attended many Special Olympics events with her.

While my Aunt Martha was alive - until I was about 30, I attended school dances with Martha first in Gardena then Anaheim. I attended school dances, school dinners, work functions and social events with Martha. I camped with her and opened Christmas presents with her and traveled across the country with her.

Martha and her friends all lived with Downs Syndrome.

And these people, special and fragile, very very often have underlying health conditions and die young. For Ron DeSantis to actually PROHIBIT asking about vaccines can only be described as crazy ass cruel (okay,  he may also be called: heartless, unChristian, pathetic and self-righteous - maybe more). 

Most of those athletes that compete in the Special Olympics won't understand any of this. But the families and loved ones will. The Special Olympics makes a day where the competitors all feel like athletes. The Special Olympics organization doesn't want to take this special day away from them - they look forward to this for months. This is definitely not their organizations fault.

But he doesn't give a shit. And, waiting until now, he deprives the Special Olympics of any other options. Family tickets have to be purchased, flights have to be scheduled and their own day is planned.

Gov. Fuckface is evil for political gain and there is no other way spin it except he is punishing Downs Syndrome people and their family to score cheap ass political points. 

Martha - happy as hell at a school dance with her boyfriend
I took this picture.

I would not be hurt if the horrible horrible man burnt in hell for eternity for this.

Story linked, if you need to puke.

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  1. It is no surprise DeSantis is using this event to further his agenda. If people in FL support him in the November election despite his political position on gun control, womens' rights, and mask wearing to curtail spread of a virus that is deadly particularly those at high risk why would they blink that he cares nothing for another disadvantaged population. Their vote means nothing to him because they are the minority in the districts that matter. As a current Florida resident, I am appalled...but not surprised. If Florida voters allow for him to continue in public office this is the shit they deserve and someday it will bite them in the ass.


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