Friday, June 3, 2022

A Great Movie to Watch for 3 GREAT Reasons

Under The Banner of Heaven is playing on Hulu in the US and I'm not sure if it is on other streaming services outside the US. Netflix often carries those original shows in Europe, so check.

It is a great TV show, covering a fantastic story. Okay 3 fantastic stories:

1. A true life Fundamentalist Mormon murder and "true mormon" mystery. FYI - "Fundamentalist Mormons" are those that believe the church changed too much to be to be admitted as a state in the United States. In particular, they had to give up polygamy - which had been a founding tenant of the Church.

2. A true and unflattering look at the Mormon Church (now, officially The Church of the Later Day Saints"). It looks at current dynamic, family dynamic, Church Elders dynamic and community dynamics of the Church the circa1984. But nearly all of those problems / values are still in place.

3. The fictional story - the "inspired by" portion of the show - of a practicing Mormon Detective in which the investigation brings up memories, history and current state of the Church together that leads him to question his belief in the Church. And, how he deals with that doubt.

Andrew Garfield is fantastic, Wyatt Russell is amazing and I was happy to see Seth Numrich in a movie (doing great acting) after seeing him on Broadway a lot. Daisy Edger - Jones is stunning. Gil Birmingham plays Andrew's partner, a full blooded Native American with a complete different life outlook. He was a rock of steadiness in the show.

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