Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Twenty Two Years Ago Today

The Village People and Valerie Perrine in a music video from inside the movie (very meta)

On this date in 1980: Can't Stop The Music was released! In case you never saw this masterpiece, well you've missed either almost nothing, or one of the campyist movies ever made.

Steve Gutenberg trying to roller skate AND pull off the 80's super tight white jeans with the bulge

The general plot is thus. A roller skating Steve Gutenberg and his partner Bruce Jenner (before she was Kaitlyn) decide to put together a musical group. After deciding this, they go to Valerie Perrine's party. There they meet the straight construction man from the Village People - David Hodo in real life. they might or might not meet many of the others (I cannot remember). Anyway, as the group walks / dances / roller skates (in Steve G.'s case) along New York streets they gather the Cop and the Indian along the way.

The Village People surround Valerie Perrine, as a crop-topped Bruce Jenner and tight shorts Steve Gutenberg come up with a fabulous idea!

They form the group the Village People (again, stated as straight here). I don't remember that much, but the straight YMCA number is burned into my memory for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway above are some stills from the movie. Below a collage of stills from the YMCA number.

Dolphin shorts a plenty

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  1. Hummmm, believe that might be 42 years ago… 6 days after I was born!


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