Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sounds Terrible; But Only Out of Context

 So this popped up today on my feed. It seems scarrrry - but let's put it in context for a moment.

Isn't that horrible! Those damn Teslas are only trouble! 

But wait. Let's look at the real statistics in context.

400 crashes out of the 6,000,000+ accidents for the last reported non-Covid year. That is 0.00667%.

But Tesla delivered 930, 422 of the 15,000,000 + cars sold in 2021. That is 6.2% of cars were self-driving and the rate is 100 times less for self-driving cars. So the rate of accidents is SIGNIFICANTLY less in Teslas.

As for deaths. 6 deaths were caused by self-driving cars. 6 of the of the 38,000 people were killed in Teslas with self-driving. That is 0.015789 rate of deaths. Again 100 times lower than th percentage of Teslas.

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