Thursday, June 9, 2022

And We're Off

humm.. Apparently a "good guy" with a gun killed a woman her mom hit in the face. Although this particular "good guy" was a 10 year old girl.

From CNN

Witnesses told police the shooting occurred on the night of May 30, when the child’s mother and the victim, Lashun Denise Rodgers, 41, began arguing outside an apartment complex, according to an arrest report.

The child was with her mother at the time of the argument, according to the arrest report, which cited witnesses.

The mother allegedly initiated a physical altercation by punching Rodgers, who retaliated by punching her back, the arrest report says, citing Rodgers’ boyfriend as one witness.

The boyfriend told authorities he attempted to break up the fight, but the victim tried to “re-engage” with the mother, according to the report. He then allegedly saw the child holding a black firearm before firing “one to two shots” at Rodgers, an arrest report shows. The child then allegedly yelled “she shouldn’t have hit my momma,” the boyfriend told police.

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