Thursday, June 2, 2022

More Fun Posts - Yoke Shirts AreBack?

Yes, I know Tulsa mass shooting yesterday killed 4 and injured many more. But... In a totally exhausted move, I am moving on ... today at least.


Say It Ain't So Joe

We were watching some trash TV on stream last night (Temptation Island Season 4 if you must know) and this image showed up as one of the guys "dressed up".

A Yoke Cowboy Shirt? I thought this look was long gone, and good riddance. And I say this as a teenager who begged my mother to make one for me. She did and I loved it. But that was literally in the late 1970s. Do not let this style return!

As for his neck adornment ... Well the roundish crystal is new age-ish - if dreadfully old style. The big beads (barely seen) hide the mike. As for the bolo tie. Just no!

Now, I used to wear a snake held bolo tie when I bartended at the Revolver, but I wore it ironically! The management required a tie, and I was obstinate. A lovely bartender and funny as hell, but obstinate. So I wore my white shirt open and a lovely bolo tie.

The other gentlemen are NOT with this trend.

FYI - I still have my bolo. But because it is totally cool.

Thirty years on, I still have and love this bad boy.
The difference is, I don't wear it anymore.

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