Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Couple of Trip Pics : 1 Cambridge

The Chapel at Kings College (we couldn't go in, there was a wedding at the time)

Still cleaning out pictures (I have so many on my google camera roll - I can't find anything, so I'm fixing it).

This is Cambridge, the city and University. Before we meet Jane for her birthday three of us, Lynn, Ed and I, went up and stayed in Cambridge. I had never been Cambridge and always wanted to go.

It was an interest and busy college town. To get a feel for it, we went on a small tour given by one of the Masters Students. Sadly, I forget his name, but he was great.

He also did a great job of breaking down how Cambridge works. The nomenclature is different, but I will try to explain.

One of the interior buildings of Selwyn, where our guide lives.

Our Alumni Guide (and a current PhD student)

Cambridge University Overall : Your Degree will be from Cambridge University.

 - Colleges (King's Trinity, etc.) are a cross between dorms and specializations. People are accepted into individual "Colleges", not Cambridge University. But the British term College in this context is mainly where you live and socialize. A student might also study basic classes here and a specialization, but they also take classes in other locations.

 - Schools . These would be the equivalent our of "majors". So there is a School of Music, a School of Anthropology and so on. You get your B.A. or Masters from a school specializing in your major, but your diploma is from "Cambridge".  

And there you have it. Some images below.

The bridge connecting the 2 sides of Queens' college over the river Cam.

"Punting" on the Cam (being shoved along like a gondola) - a bit too touristy for us

The entrance to Kings College (that is the side view of the Chapel at the top of page)

Entrance to Trinity College. The USC or Michigan of Cambridge (posh and stuck up) 

Finally, here is a  view of just the city in general. Right outside of Trinity. The city and colleges blur together.

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