Thursday, May 12, 2022

Finally Saw Company - Meh

I’ve never seen Company on stage before. The incessant “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby” drives me crazy - although in this case it is Bobbi. Most of the cast has switched genders – except Patti Lupone who won’t give up the song “Ladies Who Lunch”.

Katrina Lenk - I've seen here before, she is great
Matt Doyle - From one of my favorite films - Private Romeo. He was very good.

It is the story of a woman, stuck at 35 (she celebrates it a few times), unmarried and wondering what she is missing. Given that this is a female, not male Bobby, there is probably a little more ticking clock working, but this is not called out.

What to say about it?

I think it is a fabulous display of songs you know sung by singers who are great. In particular, Being Alive by the lead, Katrine Lenk. I’m Not Getting Married today by Matt Doyle (I loved him in Private Romeo). Another 100 People by  And Ladies Who Lunch, delivered in full Diva style by Patti Lupone.

Her friends are married, not at all completely happily, but all fulfilled most of the time. Actually, the four couples are pretty damn funny. Two hide their foibles from each other, drinking and eating respectively. Two have kids and are better divorced living together than married. Two are guys about to get married (hence Matt Doyle’s I’m Not Getting Married Today). And Patti Lupone is on marriage number 3 or 4.

Patti Lupone - It's BEST acting, not MOST acting

The NY Time captured the spirit best when it said 

As directed by Marianne Elliott, however, in a gender-flipped version abetted by Sondheim himself, what was once the story of a man who is terrified of intimacy becomes something much less interesting: the story of a woman who is justifiably tired of her friends.

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