Monday, May 16, 2022

Before the good news, a round-up of US Shootings this Week-end

How was your week-end, Scott?

Well,  in blogger, the newest entry is at the top, so I am going to start with fucked up news, then post good stuff later (because there was lots of good stuff).

It was one of those week-ends that make many Americans say, “What the hell is going on?”.

 - In Buffalo New York, a few miles from Niagara Falls, an 18 year old white boy – infected with today’s propaganda that Democrats are replacing white people with minorities - entered a super-market in a Black neighborhood and shoot about 14 people, 10 of which died – all Black.

- The shooter had to drive over a hundred miles to kill all those people. Also note that because it was a white boy - his picture is NOT in the news stories. We do know he was a racist and infected with the newly restarted "replacement theory" being drummed up by Donald Trump, the Republican Party and Fox News by his written manifesto (summarized after the jump). 

 - In Orange County California, 6 people were shot and 1 died, from a church shooting. It was at a Taiwanese Church and it was an Asian attacker, so far without motive.

 - This time it was an Asian shooter that is in none of the photos.

 - In Houston Texas, 5 people were shot and 2 of them died at a shooting at a Flea Market (big-ass boot-sale for the Brits).

 - Neither of the two men involved in the shooting are shown.

 - In Chicago Illinois, three people were shot and 1 died in a shooting at the Millennium Park – a large new park downtown. Children are no longer allowed in the park after 6 PM without an adult.

 - There is a picture here of the suspect. What a surprise that he is black and the only 1 of the 4 suspects listed today with a picture shown.

Now these shootings, of course, are only the well published “mass” shootings from the week-end that made the national news.

The myriad of single shootings, self-inflicted gun-shot wounds and gun suicides are not counted.

So that is a snap-shot of US news. You must miss living here. Manifesto below.

Meanwhile, shortly after Gendron was captured, a manifesto believed to have been posted online by the gunman emerged, which included racist, anti-immigrant views claiming that white Americans were at risk of being replaced by people of color. In the livestream that appeared to have been captured by the camera affixed to his helmet, an anti-Black racial slur could be seen on the barrel of his weapon. In the manifesto, which was being reviewed by law enforcement, Gendron wrote that he had selected the area because it held the largest percentage of Black residents near his home. He wrote he had been “passively preparing” for the Buffalo attack for several years, purchasing ammunition and gear, while infrequently practicing shooting. In January, the plans “actually got serious,” according to the manifesto. The document outlined a careful plan to kill as many Black people as possible, complete with the type of gun he would use, a timeline, and where he would eat beforehand. It also included details of where he would livestream the violence. He carefully studied the layout of the grocery, writing that he would shoot a security guard before stalking through aisles and firing upon Black shoppers.

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