Monday, May 16, 2022

And now for fun news

This week-end was also Eurovision week-end. Peacock, which is NBC / Comcast's stream service, is finally broadcasting it. Not out of any great reason, but they have hours of streaming to fill.

The US commentator was Johnny Weir, the ex-ice skater, current gay announcer and wearing of spectacular clothes. He commentated in a white outfit complete with Giant Angel Wings, making it impossible for him to sit down.

As for the competition, England finally had a chance with a good singer. But it was Ukraine's night. Ukraine's act was weird, but fun - and with an outpouring of support from Europe - pretty much swept the public's vote. Ukraine's act included a traditional fiddle, accordion, a rapper and an odd flute from the region! 

As for me, my favorite was an act I had not seen before. A Norwegian group of masked singers performing "Give That Wolf a Banana", a nod to Little Red Riding Hood and grandmother's sad fate. Here is the song if you want a laugh.

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