Saturday, April 9, 2022

Welcome to Gilead, Texas

 Welcome to Gilead Texas in 2022. Where a woman past the 6 weeks cutoff for a Texas Abortion (technically unconstitutional right now, but still allowed in place in Texas) was arrested for murder.

Lizelle Herrera was in the hospital and had miscarriage (unclear whether she went in with miscarriage or had one at the hospital). There, she gave information to the hospital staff who then reported her to the police. The police arrested her for “intentionally and knowingly cause the death of an individual by self-induced abortion.”

It is undefined right now what she did. This would be anything she did after 6 weeks that might effect the baby.

 Now, other women have been charged in other situations where drugs or alcohol might have harmed or caused the death of a fetus. But this is first charge of MURDER against a woman trying to have an abortion in our country - okay at least in the last 50 years that I know of.

Thank God our Supreme Court held that this unconstitutional law in Texas makes woman - who may not have even known they were pregnant before 6 weeks - murderers.

By the way, I am sarcastic in the face of pure nastiness towards women, because I do not know how else to cope. Where are we going to?

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