Monday, April 11, 2022

I saw James McAvoy in Cyrano de Bergerac sunday

James McAvoy rocks it as Cyrano de Bergerac

Wow. Cyrano de Bergerac is playing at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music, but really much more). It was intense.

It is acted in "spoken word prose". that isn't from the playbill, that is my  thinking. It has a cadence, rhythm, and language all it's won (or maybe it is big in London). And it is like Shakespeare in that it takes a bit to get used to it all.

Roxane (Miller) and Cyrano

But McAvoy is mesmerizing and impossible to ignore. As is Evelyn Miller as Roxanne. Eben Figueiredo is Christian and, at least in this version, a handsome but witless suitor of Roxanne.

Cyrano schools Christian (Figueirecxo)

I was not / am not familiar with the story, aside from the giant nose and his words filling in for Christian's. But it is a tragedy in the olden times way. By the end, I loved it.

And BAM's Harvey Theater is a great place to see plays. It is the same place I saw Kevin Spacey tear it up as Richard III (yes, I know we hate Kevin now, but he is a hell of an actor - and who didn't know he was a super dirty old (gay) man!). 

Interior of BAM's Harvey Theater

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