Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Two Things Ed Hate's Most

I was walking the pup for a PAWS client this morning and I saw this. Ed's worse nightmare.

All "Levels of Talent Welcome". Oy

He hates Talent Shows. He hates Zoom. I'm sure his 3rd fear will show up too, someone will do improv (I'd like a name, an animal and a disability).

Speaking of improv. If you haven't heard this story. A million years ago (pre-New York) we were in a Disney World resort with the Brits. One night we went to Disney's nighttime set of clubs for adults. We had a drink and waited in line for a show and made some new friends in line. and we drank a little more. and more.

We finally get into the comedy club where we had been waiting. We sat relatively close.

The performers came on stage and said, "Can someone give us a job and a place?"

Ed said, in a drunken whisper, "Why are we here? I HATE improv!" And got up (I had to follow) and walked from the front rows to the exit, now giggling as people watched us leave.

Ah memories.

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