Friday, March 18, 2022

A moment on the toilet leads to an epiphany

"An epiphany I tell you!*

No, get your minds out of the gutter.

I was watching Tic-Toc (I know, don't judge) and a bizarre informational moment came on that blew me away TWICE.

First: Octopus has 3 different plurals. Octopuses (English ending because the English used it first). Octopi (Latin plurals are "i") and Octopodes (Greek ending, once people thought about it and decided the base was Greek, not Latin).

And yes, I do know that Lynn and Ed will look this up and not believe me, and yet I press onward.

Second: In discussing this, the narrator continued that English uses all three becaue it is a "descriptive" language not a "proscriptive" language. 

Well, I wanted to call bullshit on that, but I investigated and it turns out English IS a descriptive language. Even more shocking, "descriptive" language isn't some crap.

So, I read it. Rather than summarize this more simply, which I could literarily do if I wanted to, I will post the chart (and that whole Octopodes brew ha ha) below.

*Ed: Luckily I was not in the library during my epiphany

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