Thursday, March 10, 2022

Princess Tiny Hands Explains the War

 Look, I don't know if you read It is a little very ... liberal. But today they had a story that can be easily verified. And it is fabulous. I will include the low lights below. Caution, do not drink while reading, spit take may be the result.  LINK

"... it shouldn't surprise anyone that Trump made some humiliating remarks during a YouTube interview by a couple of shlock jocks. The "Full Send" podcast was just the latest friendly forum that Trump visited, because he's too big a coward to let a legitimate journalist interview him. And what happened during this discussion is proof that he's right to stick with hacks like the Full Send crew. When the conversation turned to the serious subject of Ukraine, Trump just couldn't handle it:

Full Send Host: What do you see happening next then? Cause it seems like the tensions are high. How does this all end? Is this going to be like a long-term thing? How do you see it unfolding?
Trump: Well, and I said this a long time ago, if this happens, we are playing right into their hands. Green energy. The windmills don’t work. They’re too expensive. They kill all the birds. They ruin your landscapes. And yet the environmentalists love the windmills. And I’ve been preaching this for years. The windmills - and I had them way down - but the windmills are the most expensive energy you can have. And they don’t work.


Here is the actual tweet proof...

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