Thursday, March 24, 2022

Its a bit pathetic how far Texas politicians will go...

Texas is the state that has passed a zero sex education bill. It has defined accepting parents of kids who are questioning their gender as child abusers. It is had made it illegal for children of same sex couples to talk about it.

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but it's pretty obvious

Now, they have outlawed Pride events in schools. Again, it would be funny if it wasn't designed to be so mean and hateful.

Just in case you are unclear on the concept of Pride in schools, it is NOT about changing people's orientations. It is pretty damn hard to change that. 

Think about it: If you are attracted to men, think about have sex and a relationship with only women. 

If you are attracted to women think about only having sex with men.

No one is going to change your preferences. No, Pride events are only designed to tell gay and lesbian students that they aren't hated. That there is a positive path towards a helpful and fulfilling life.

And, even thought many of us, and all the politicians in Texas, may still be squeamish about the sex part of that, the sex part is NOT what Pride is about in schools. 

If gay kids in school want to have sex, this hatred will not stop them. Maybe they will hide it from their parents. Maybe they will hate themselves. But it won't stop them. Think about masturbating when you were young. Did any amount of church or parental "disappointment" stop you?

So, this really is either about HATING kids or pandering to the most primal instinct of parents who thinking not telling them about LGBT or premarital sex will stop it. Did it stop you? The number of out of wedlock births prove this isn't true.

So, it seems stupid but it is going to have real world consequences.

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  1. I wish they would give Texas back to Mexico or let it go back to being its own country.


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