Saturday, March 26, 2022

I'm Shocked. Shocked! I Tell you

The hemorrhaging of faux outrage over Ginni Thomas (outspoken insurrectionist wife of Supreme Court Clarence Thomas) would be laughable, if it wasn't so indicative of our media's stupidity.

For those of you thankfully out of the loop until now, here is the dirt. The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is Ginni Thomas, a VERY right wing political leader. After working at the Heritage Foundation (a VERY conservative think tank), she started Liberty Consulting as an outgrowth of the Tea Party. So, yes she has always been this person.

Now, the media is all learning how much of a right wing wack job she is - by the release of increasingly unhinged texts she sent to Trump's Chef of Staff before the insurrection. She offered wild and incorrect justifications for supporting Donald Trump's attempts to stay in office and supporting a coup in the United States government. Incorrect is not the way Republicans define "Lying".

 But never worry. She and Judge Thomas have "seperate lives" and don't talk about their work at home. So Clarence-baby had no idea his wife was working to overthrow the government. Nothing. So because he did not have any idea about this (sigh), it was a pure coincidence that he was the only Supreme that voting against releasing the January 6th data - which has exposed his wife.

But kids, let's be serious. Ginni has literally been working on the right wing against government since Clarence joined the bench 30 years ago. And working in the less powerful areas before that. “America is in a vicious battle for its founding principles,” as Ginni Thomas has put it.

So now the pundit and media class has decided to clutch their pearls and warn us of this new development!  How will it effect the Court? How much will her work bleed into his decisions? What, oh what can we do?

Give it a rest. You have known, or should have known this for DECADES. If the media doesn't know this it is because they are myopic beyond belief. And if we don't know it, it has been because we haven't been paying attention. And if Clarence Thomas didn't know it ... No, he is a terrible man, but not an idiot.


  1. They say Justice Thomas is/was sick and only released from the hospital yesterday. Can't help but wish he decides he should retire from the bench for "health" reasons.


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